Since my last blog I’ve turned a year older… My 40th high school class reunion has been set for September and like some of my classmates I'll be sharing pictures of my (THREE) grandchildren.  ---I still can’t believe I’m a grandmother. ---   How did it all get here so fast? 

This past fall I had an un-planned knee replacement surgery on my right knee---emphasis on the “un-planned”.  I am a very active person and enjoy going and doing as I please.  This surgery stopped me in my tracks and made me realize something I’ve always known but have taken for granted…our health is EVERYTHING.  Like all of us, I’m getting older and I want to know the secret of staying young.    

I recently stumbled on an article titled “Meditation and Aging” by Aditi Dave, MD and Jim Larsen.   It reminded me how meditation “improves health by reducing stress, anxiety, and improves cardiovascular function”.   But the sentence that hooked me was “new research shows that the benefits of meditation are far greater than previously thought as it produces changes at the deepest level of our brain, cells, and DNA”. 

W H A T?  Brain…Cells…DNA…!?!

Breath–based meditation just might be the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.  I encourage you to read this article (link below) and discover for yourself the benefits of breath-based meditation:

Just breathe...Be Brilliant...